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Advertise your Company with Outdoor Signage, Monuments, Street Signs, Pylon Signage

Interior Corporate Graphics, Lobby, Reception Signs, Logos.

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 I can also make and install all types and sizes of signs and letters. Over 30 Years Experience!

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Our Philosophy

We are the source for sign making. We custom make all of our signs in house, so we have the best prices in Orange County

Our awesome Sign Products

Here are some of the products we Design, Manufacture, and Install.

  • Lighted Channel Letters

    All types of lighted letters, halo lighted, led lighting, neon letters, reverse lighted channel letters, Exterior and Interior,.

  • 3D Building Letters

    From Foam letters. Plastic, Acrylic, Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Gold, Silver, Glass, Stone, and more.....

  • Custom Lighted Signs

    We can Design, engineer, manufacture, and install any type of custom electric lighted sign your business may need for advertising..

  • Interior Reception-Lobby Signs

    We can make any type of interior signage. 3d letters and logos, lighted and non lighted. And any other sign you may have an idea on.

  • Monument Street Signs

    Monument Signs, HOA Signage, Street Signs, Pylon - Pole Signs, Concrete Monuments. Stone, Marble, Brick, Aluminum.

  • Professional Support

    Work with a Qualified Sign Contractor with years of experience dealing with sign regulations.

How can we help you?

some reasons of why you Should choose us as your Sign Company
Custom Sign Makers with over 30 years experience.
  • Sign services for small business owners, shopping centers, manufacturing companies, commercial advertisers. We do installation, as well as design work, outdoor lettering, painted walls, and murals. We provide led channel letters, and are a state licensed electric sign contractor"

    We are quality installers, providing back lit corporate  graphics on vehicles and any other type you may need.

    While Neon lighting may be adequate for most hanging or wall-mounted lighted signs, it is usually inadequate for lighting large graphic walls, or large building signs Most spotlight fixtures light walls unevenly, producing shadows in areas and of uneven brighter light. The amount of ambient light falling on each sign or letter may vary considerably, but so long as signs are legible, the eye will adjust to that variation.

    For lighted graphic wall signs, which may extend from floor to ceiling, it is often desirable to install "flood light wall-washers." These incandescent fixtures are engineered to be installed flush with the ceiling and to light a wall evenly. Lighting manufacturers can provide technical information about such fixtures.

    "Framing certain type of sign projectors" are special incandescent fixtures which are useful for illuminating a sign or graphic item very dramatically.  if the sign designer wants to highlight a carved letter or logo graphic,  or maybe even the old school art of gold-leaf sign in a dimly lighted restaurant, this fixture can be adjusted to light the exact area of the sign.

    Floodlighting is a less precise way of lighting an interior sign or special graphic. Spotlights can be partially built into the ceiling, but this is difficult unless planned for as part of the building sign construction. Contact us for a free estimate:

    One of the most important graphic sign elements that This Orange County Sign Company uses to incorporate within a sign program is an existing corporate logotype, which is used to identify corporate property and products. (Corporate, as used here, refers to a company, commercial organization, or noncommercial institution.) National corporations often have distinctive logotypes which, when used in their Sign Company advertising programs, project a strong public image.

    It is appropriate to treat such logotypes as unique designs to be used for identifying this corporation alone. The client's logotype may be used in major project signing to identify the site signs, the building signage, or even a parking entrance. If a client's logotype is based on a simple, legible alphabet, this same alphabet may also be suitable for all project signing. For example, Several major Banks use the font called "Helvetica" as a corporate alphabet. This alphabet was used on building signs for their corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, Helvetica was reproduced in a variety of materials, using many different fabrication methods.

    The excellent design and somewhat neutral character of Helvetica allowed it to be used for both elegant and utilitarian signs. Rather than using a secondary alphabet, a lighter or heavier version of Helvetica can also be used occasionally for special emphasis or proper scale. However, if the logotype was custom designed and no alphabet for it exists or if the logotype has a strong, distinctive character, then a separate alphabet will have to be designed. The existing logotype will influence both the selection and the Sign design of alphabets for project signing. We have the experience to Design fonts, modify , or change existing fonts, to brand your business with signage in any visible area.

    The designer must be aware of some special problems in adapting an existing logotype for use in signing. For example, if a logotype based on a Bodoni-type style is to be translated into three-dimensional letters with internal lighting, the thin strokes may have to be increased to accommodate the neon tubing. Script letters with very thin strokes may be impossible to adapt for internal neon sign  lighting, and they are often too fragile when cut out of metal or wood.

    Sometimes the overall weight of such logotypes can be increased to make them workable for internal illumination; this may be difficult to do without destroying the character of the logotype. To avoid this problem, it may be necessary to illuminate the logotype in some other way. Designing New Logotypes for Signing If the designer is asked to design a new logotype to be used in project signing, it should be based on a suitable alphabet which can be translated into three-dimensional letters or signs using a wide variety of materials and techniques.


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